Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Rant: Cell phones in the workplace.

Cell phones have become a staple in the world. You can't go anywhere and NOT see them. I have one in fact. Some ppl have two or more on the same belt.

My peeve is that ppl have the ringer on HIGH, leave it on the desk in the cube right next to me then leave to go to lunch or something but leave the phone behind. Of course this is when every phone call being made on the planet is re-routed to said cell phone. It wouldn't be bad if the ring was set to something that would never be heard at the circus. However, the chosen ring is designed to vibrate the molecules in my spine at such a rate that my Agent Orange gets aggravated and I instantly feel the need to use my keyboard as a bat and start swinging at exposed throats.

There should be a company policy around here that makes ppl turn their phone on vibrate while in the office. The sad thing is that if more ppl were simply courteous ppl there would be no need for stupid rules and I won't have to pry my Esc key from John Doe's trachea.