Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Architeuthis dux found LIVE!

For those of you NOT familir with Architeuthis dux shame on you. This thing is friggin great! Up to 60 feet long and never been seen alive in the water until now! We knew that the creature exists because dead ones would wash ashore from time to time and giant sucker scars have been found on some whales. So after years of really expensive dives with really expensive equipment 2 guys went out on a boat with some rope, bait and a digital camera. BINGO! I love how low-tech beats high-tech like this. If only NASA would learn from this kind of stuff.

Other sources covering this story have noted that the size of the Architeuthis found by these 2 men is aprox 25 feet long!

Pronounced (Ar`chi*teu"this)