Monday, September 26, 2005

Deleting comments once again.

People ask me why I don't have ads on my sites. Most sites have ads on them so they can make money. I don't NEED the money to support my family. That's why I have a day job. I don't have ads on my software site OR my blog site because I HATE ADS. Ads are good for nothing. I have never bought anything because of an ad on the web. All they do is frustrate the visitor who is trying to find the real reason they came to a site in the first place.

Hating ads as much as I do you can understand my rage when people take advantage of this site's policy of allowing anyone to post comments. I would like people to post genuine comments relevant to the subject at hand.

If you post a comment that is nothing more than an advertisement for business cards, dating services, porn, used toasters or even free air it will be deleted from this site as soon as possible.

Seriously. If a post says nothing more than, "Great site. I'll bookmark it. I love free air." DELETED! That simple.

There is a dashboard area on the right hand side of the blog's main page for comments like that. Name and Email address are NOT needed to tag.

Thanks for playing,
- Aaron