Thursday, September 15, 2005

Pak-Lite came in today!

I was very excited to open my new Pak-Lite today when I got home from work. This little thing is amazing. The entire thing is comprised of 2 LED lights, a switch and a case and it all just snaps onto the top of any 9-volt battery. Pure genius.
I was very impressed with the packaging as well. Well, it was just in a manilla envelope but the actual unit was in a VERY professional plastic case. It looked like I had just pulled it off of a shelf at a sporting goods store. Within the packaging was a little pamphlet on the Pak-Lite. It gives all kinds of detail.
I was most impressed with the listing of the different LED lights and thier uses. Ultra-violet LEDs come in both Black and Glow caps. This LED color is used in forensics and counterfit bill detection.
My biggest concern was the light output or brightness of the unit. I thought that perhaps it would barely light a room. WRONG! I took it into my daughter's bathroom cause it was close and dark. I shut the door and turned on my Pak-Lite. This thing works and works WELL!
Then there is the Infrared LEDs. Invisible to the naked eye and is used with night vision equipment. WAY COOL! I can see all kinds of uses for that one in the military!
Overall I am VERY impressed with the purchase. I think the price is a little high at $15 US for the basic model and $26 for the other ones.