Thursday, September 01, 2005

PocketMod to replace PDAs? Sure!

I have been looking at the realm of GTD (getting things done) for a couple of months now. I own a Palm Tungsten|E and have done quite a bit of custom programming for it. However I have come to the conclusion that the PDA world may be coming to an end. Sure items like the Blackberry and Treo keep PDAs afloat, but I don't see them staying around forever.
I have been using the GTD method which is basically index cards or folded paper as a means of writing things down. So far it is working out very nicely. I still have some tweaking to do though.
That's where PocketMod comes in! I just found this this morning, printed it out and plan on giving it a try. You have to assemble your pages on line (for now) but the flash based layout is VERY nice and user friendly.
If you are into GTD then you may want to give this a look.