Friday, September 16, 2005

Whatcha readin'?

While surfin' the sweet waves at this morning I took notice to this little gem called List and share the books you own with everyone. Actually you only share the titles of the books you own not the entire content of said book. Although free you can only post 200 books. For $10 US you can do more than that. Even though I have all my books stored on my PDA with a program that I wrote (Tome Vault) I may enter my stuff in LibraryThing anyway so all you shmoes can see what I have.

Here's what I have so far!

  • Easy. Catalog your books online (example); no software required.
  • Powerful. LibraryThing mines the full Library of Congress catalog—ideal for collectors and scholars.
  • Free. Enter 200 books for free; lifetime membership $10 (beta special).
  • Tagged. LibraryThing allows blog/Flickr-style tagging (example).
  • Shared. Show everyone your library, or keep your library private. You can even put a widget on your blog to show people what you're reading.
  • Safe. LibraryThing's not going away, but you can export your data.



LibraryThing said...

(The LT developer.) Hey, let's talk. I want LT to export to Palm, why not to your program? Seriously, let's talk! Email me at

AppsByAaron said...

I am always interested in PDA (Palm OS) work. I sent you an email.

Here is my software site: