Tuesday, October 18, 2005

DOOM is best vid game to movie yet. So I hear.

Chris Carle over at IGN.com says that the new DOOM movie is "The best videogame-to-film adaptation yet". I leave that to Alan to judge. DOOM is rated R so all of us Mormons will have to wait until TBS has it on in a couple of years.

"October 17, 2005 - Obviously, there will be two camps of people attending Doom: those who have played an installment of the storied (and at times much-maligned) game franchise, and those who have not. Those who have played Doom are likely to understand what makes the film cool, and those who have not might miss the boat. One thing is certain: Doom the movie makes a huge effort to stick to the things that make the game so popular: the first person perspective, the buckets of gore, and the gnarly weapons. These things are in abundance in the big screen adaptation, and they all delight."



Alan said...

It may or may not be the best Game-2-movie adaptation yet but that's not saying much. I know they still changed the story of the game for the movie and until movie studios understand that the game wouldn't work with a different story so the movie won't work either they will all suck. Peter Jackson please heed this advice for Halo. Oh and to prove a point go rent Double Dragon, Super Mario Brothers, Resident Evil, House of the Dead, Mortal Kombat, or Street Fighter, and you will see. All of these movies have three things in common, special abilities must be rationally explained, the entire premise of the game is changed, and the tone and mood of the game is radically changed to attract children. Any combination of the three will ruin the movie, fortunately Doom is only changing the entire premise of the game for the movie so there is hope. When PJ does Halo he should remember three things, Sarge's shields regenerate without rational explantion, in the original Halo the covenant are secondary to the true story of Halo, and war is ugly and not child friendly and small children do not buy $300 xboxes and $50 games so it is okay to make the movie geared toward the 20 - 30 something crowd.

AppsByAaron said...

Well said!!