Friday, October 07, 2005

Malware kills PSP!

LOL! So you bought the new Sony PSP to look cool and impress your friends. Then someone cracked the PSP OS allowing people to run whatever they want on it. So Sony comes out with a firmware upgrade to stop people from loading what they want onto thier purchased PSP. Problem now is a buffer overflow. Thanks Sony. So then in order for your PSP to work right you need to downgrade back to version 1.5 of the PSP firmware.

Then: "Various firmware dowgrade tools sprung up. But one of the utilities has turned out to be a Trojan that renders the PSP unusable. The malware poses as software from the "PSP Team". In reality the code will remove important system files from the flash which makes the system unbootable or a brick, as gamers call it."

I just laugh inside.