Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Mitch Daniels cutting the fat.

The Noblesville Ledger has a nice little article about how Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is trying to get rid of waste at the state level.

"...Daniels recounted his staff's logging of government waste into a file labeled "OMG," for "Oh, My Gosh."

In that file were such items as $8,000 copier machines that could have been bought for $3,000 and floor mats rented for more than the cost of purchasing them."

"Between the serious stuff, Daniels had some witticisms that left the audience laughing:

• On his toll-road proposal: Daniels learned it costs 34 cents per car to collect the 15-cent toll in the last booth at Gary, Ind. He told his advisers the state might as well go to the honor system. "I mean, let's just put out cigar boxes, and we'd come out ahead.""