Tuesday, November 01, 2005

EDGE is be RPG game for PDA ever!

I just found this game called EDGE (Extreme Dungeon Game Experience) for the Palm Pilot. I am giving the demo version a try and I am VERY impressed so far. This is what I was hoping RealmWalker would have turned into.

There are 3 classes (Human, Eld and Dwarf) with male and female each. You can choose from Fighter, Mage, Cleric and Thief. Very dynamic!! Full version is like $25 US but you can get to level 3 on the demo.


Customize your character’s name, gender, and stats — choose from three unique races (human, elf, dwarf) and four character classes (fighter, thief, mage, or priest)!

A huge world to explore with multiple quests and dozens of diverse landscapes.

Real-time combat, tons of unique enemies, deadly melee and range weapons!

Cast dozens of vibrant animated spells, like Invisibility, Lightning, Ice Storm, Fireball!

Seek out magical potions, weapons, armor, equipment, treasure, and other artifacts.

Meet, talk, and trade with hundreds of non-player characters (NPCs).

Listen to a lush soundtrack and exciting sound effects — the clash of swords, the patter of boots, ferocious battle cries!

Supports full-screen on 320x320 or higher resolutions.

Accelerated for ARM devices, including Tapwave Zodiac controls and rumble effects!