Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Video gaming: Now an addiction, next a disease.

So many questions arise from this article. Will the people with the "addiction" lable thier condition a "disease?" And if so will some drug company make a drug to counteract the "addiction?" Will my medical benifits cover such a medication? Do some people need to take a break and kiss a girl?

"But excessive computer game players showed classic signs of craving when they were presented with freeze-frames from some of their favourite games – they desperately wanted to play, expected to feel better once they did, and fully intended to indulge again as soon as possible."

"And while not everyone agrees that computer games have the addictive potential of drugs, or even gambling, groups such as Online Gamers Anonymous and EverQuest Widows are overflowing with stories of people so wrapped up in slaying monsters that for days they neglect to eat, wash or sleep."