Thursday, November 03, 2005

Wall of breasts arrives!

Behold! The Wall of Breasts!

"A Dutch designer has created a wall of fake breasts to help male shoppers buy bras that fit their wives or girlfriends."

""Most men have a selective memory," she explained. "They know all about their car, but never seem to know their wife's bra size.

"When trying to buy a sexy bra for their wife or girlfriend, usually they point to other women in the shop or, when asked about size, they say a 'handful'."

The wall consists of rows of silicon breasts in all sizes. By look and touch, male shoppers can work out the right size, she says."

I can see it now. At the mall with the wife and we pass this store. "Are you staring at that wall again?" she asks. "Uhm. No" I lie. I just want to know if this will replace the rock climbing wall at Dick's Sporting Goods.


Source (no pictures. I looked.)


Alan said...

For Pete's sake, it is a sad statement for men everywhere that we need a feel up guide to help us buy a bra for our significant others. First off what man walks past Victoria's secret on a whim and goes oh I should buy her a bra. None of them, it is always a premeditated affair and if in their premeditation they didn't think to check or ask her bra size then that's on them. Now we have to be saddled with a gimmick that screams men are so stupid they need special treatment like a parapalegic needs a wheelchair ramp. I say that men should create a translator that whenever the other half starts carrying on about trash going out or what have you it instantly translates into football stats talk or latest video game news. At least that would serve the purpose of getting a man to listen.