Thursday, January 12, 2006

Radar hack lets you speed!!!

So I am at church last night talking to a friend who happens to be a police officer. During our conversation he tells me that if I spray my license plate with AquaNet aresol hairspray it will not show up on the picture taken by the photo cops. He then tells me that the people who designed the system knew about the Aqua Net trick.

The automated ticketing device will still record your speed but then it takes the picture of your license plate it image of the plate will be fuzzy and unreadable.

NOTE: This only works for the roadside photo machines that automatically give you a ticket. If an actual police officer sees get the ticket.

Just wanted to pass that along.

PS: you didn't hear this from me and I am not responsible for you getting a ticket because 1) you may be a MORON or 2) you used the single spray bottle. The AquaNet MUST the the aeresol!!