Sunday, July 09, 2006

Pirates steal record!!

So Pirates II opened this weekend and KILLED the previous 3-day opening record with $132 MILLION. I think that's great! I loved the first Pirates movie and look forward to this one. I meant to take my wife to it over the weekend but time flew too fast.

To bring things to the point I hate the way Hollywood acts sometimes. "When people in the industry predicted these high numbers, I thought they were just trying to be mean. So no matter how good we did, if we did $100 million, we'd be failures," Bruckheimer told The Associated Press on Sunday. "I didn't think we'd get near these numbers." Only in America can $100 million be a failure. I think that the expectations are too out of whack sometimes.

I also think that the "placement" of a movie is stupid. You read the reviews and articles about movies and which one knocked off that one from number one and so forth. Really?! Does anyone expect a movie to stay at number one foreever?? It just bugs me that when a movie like Superman Returns is down to number 2 after being out for 2 weeks that news articles are calling that a failure and that the movie didn't do that well overall.

Then quit making movies if you are going to complain everytime a movie slips down a peg.

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