Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Harry Potter goes nude

ok This story upsets me not because I am a huge Harry Potter fan but because of the reasons Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) give for going nude. The typical crap you hear from younger stars who go a bit too far. Like Christina Aguilera going all slutty to explore her sexuality. Young Daniel wants to show that he is a well rounded actor and not just some goof playing Harry Potter for the rest of his life. OK Fine. Then do something like Forrest Gump where you can earn an Oscar and prove you can act. You don't have to go full on nude and go at it with some girl on stage in front of hundreds to prove your point. All you are doing is upsetting parents who's kids look up to you and since it's the parents that buy all that Harry Potter stuff you might not want to upset them to the point where they stop paying your salary.

Just a thought.

WARNING: slightly nude pics after the jump.