Thursday, January 04, 2007

SanDisc wants to rule the world.

I love new technology and I think it's been a while since there has been something new to drool over. The new Solid State Hard Drives are it in my opinion. 32 gigs of static flash memory uses MUCH less battery power than today's hard drives and there are more features to think about. No moving parts, lighter, MUCH less heat (if any) and speed (62MB-per-second read speed, random read rate of 7300 inputs and outputs per second etc). Still a little pricey but it will come down as capacities go up.

$600 US for 32 gigs



Anonymous said...

ex-sqeeze me did you say 32 gigs. Ive heard of alot of things in life but that is awesome. Now if i could only find the money for it.