Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Music and writers...my 2 cents

So I am reading Gizmodo.com and they have a recent post that the RIAA wants to reduce the percentage that the music artist gets from 13% to 9% due to illegal downloads or some crap. Does this make any sense to anyone? Why on Earth would you bite the hand that feeds you?!

This is why there is a writer's strike. The "grunts" at the bottom of the corporate ladder are the ones that are doing 90% of the work and making the actual entertainment yet the CEOs and "big wigs" need can't fathom living on less than $10 million a year.

I am behind the writers and music artists 100% on these issues and if the musicians decide to strike or sell their music online all by themselves then good for them!

I would love to see the breakdown on the expense report for a cd that justifies the need to reduce the revenues of the people that are making the RIAA money.