Thursday, February 21, 2008

TokBox Rox!

As you know I posted about TokBox yesterday and within a couple of hours I get a video mail from the developers. How cool is that?! They really have a lot going for them. Not only is tok2Lauren a pleasure to talk to but their devel staff is way cool. I even got a "tour" of the office!!

Here's some links that give more details about TokBox:
TechCrunch 2

(not an overall nice review but there's Tok2Lauren!) (And, Nicholas Deleon, it's pronounced Talk Box, duh!)

So why do I love them? As the only IT person in a small Environmental Consulting firm I am constantly looking for ways we can communicate with our clients across the globe cheaply. Since TokBox is free it's a no-brainer. Also, once I register an account and send out my call room address, those who call me don't have to register. This makes it VERY nice because I don't want to hassle our clients with registrations more than I need to.

Now that TokBox has conference rooms available I can hold worldwide video conferences with up to 6 people (including myself). Right now I just use it to hold "important meetings" with my gaming guild, DeadLast (website in development).

Oh, Heads-up to tok2Lauren, I've told my guildies about you so sorry in advance for the possible flood of geeks wanting to ask you really silly questions. ;)