Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Acacia update

Doing some more research on the subject of acacia trees, and the suggestion from Adman, I found the biblical references about this narcotic tree.'s Bible search brings 14 results on the search for "shittim". Looks like God found the wood pleasing because he commanded the tabernacle to contain much of it. Still doesn't mean Moses was a pot-head.

Let's explore...
If the narcotic in question is supposed to allow the user to see sounds this does not mean that Moses didn't at least hear God speak to him. If he was high then he simply saw what God was telling him. In this case Moses was still a man of God and led his people in righteousness.

I still maintain that Moses WAS a man of God (and not a pot-head) else the whole of Judaism is false since the sect relies heavily on the Law of Moses. I don't think Benny Shanon wants to claim that all Jews are in err because Moses smoked some bark, hence, didn't speak to God.

IS Benny Shanon claiming that Moses didn't speak with God? Is Benny Shanon claiming that Moses was not directed by God? What is the extent of the claims of Benny Shanon concerning the state of Moses and his divine calling??

Any other thoughts on this?