Thursday, March 13, 2008

Auto lock your PC when you walk away from it. has a great link this morning for a free PC application that monitors the signal of a BlueTooth device on your person and locks (Win+L) your computer when that device is out of range.

Here's an example: My cell phone has BlueTooth so I select that to be monitored because it's ALWAYS on me. When I get up to go talk to Jaughn Dough because his computer is suddenly smoking and not even turned on my computer will automanically go into Locked mode so that Jane Snoopy-Nose doesn't come over to hack my IM to order some crack from her dealer.

That's a false story but you get the idea. I don't know how this program will effect the battery life of the device you choose to be monitored. I'll try it out and let oyu know. ;)

Link to story
Link to Download


Elaine said...

that is pretty cool--R U gonna give it a try??

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hermione Ronald said...

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