Friday, August 15, 2008

Mummy 3 goes nowhere near my heart.

I just went to see The Mummy 3. The trailer did a great job of teasing me about all the glory to come. However, it fails on so many levels.

First off, Maria Bello replaced Rachel Weisz as Evelyn. I can deal with change but the chemistry between the main couple just didn't come through. At all. I think Maria even faked the English accent. I just didn't like her performance.

When did Alex lose his english accent?! When we saw this character in Mummy 2 he had a great accent. I loved it but why change it? Just because he grew up? Other then that Luke Ford did a fine job filling the role.

Isabella Leong plays Alex's new love interest. She's cute and all but why did they feel the need to do a voice over for her? She sounded like a 6 year old. Makes no sense.

The story was friggin awesome...for the first 15 minutes. Setting the stage for the movie was great. Greed, magic, a love triangle, death, torture...all the makings of a great movie. Then we meet the characters and it all goes downhill from there. Nothing happens to move the story along like in the first two movies. It seemed like things happened just to have them happen. The O'connel's and the rest of the good guys beat the bad guys to every destination but fail to do the obvious thing, do something stupid and let the baddies walk all over them. I lost interest at about the 30 minute mark.

And why is Jet Li making new movies!?!? I thought Fearless was his last movie. He was quitting after that to become a buddist or something.

Michell Yeoh did a great job. I haven't seen her do a bad job in any movie I've seen her in yet. Well, there was one scene in James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies. She's with Bond in the belly of the stealth boat and she has one bullet left in her gun. She's trapped. She quickly peaks around a corner and sees her chance. She then jumps out of her hiding place and while pulling the trigger gives a traditional 'hiy'. What. The. Hell. Stupidest thing EVER! She's shooting a gun! Who wrote that into the script and why did it make it into the final cut? sigh

In conclusion, I won't buy this movie. I'm going to treat it like the first Hulk movie. It never happened.