Monday, September 22, 2008

Can someone please hack the spammers!?!?

I get so tired of filtering spam from my inbox to the GFI anti-spam folders at work!  I see reports from companies that track malware and spammers saying that 80% of the worlds spam is coming from, like, 6 computers (so they know which computers) but why on earth don't they just hack them and shut them down?!?!  This is costing my company thousands of $ each year for anti-spam filtering software and me to spend the time each day to sort it all out.  Spammers are the devil's concubines!!

Here are a couple reports from our email server.  Byesian is the "AI" of the GFI software.  It's supposed to read each email to see if there are spam-type words in there.  Keep in mind there are under 20 employees where I work.

One day's worth.  190 actual emails.  5394 SPAM in one day!

One month's worth.  211,617 SPAM in one month!


MaTT said...

*cough* money *cough*

You answered the question in your post. Where would all these anti-spam software companies be if it weren't for the spammers out there? Why would they hunt down their money makers???

AppsByAaron said...

I know I know. It just sucks SO BAD!!! And the spammers would ease up if people would stop buying their crap.