Thursday, September 04, 2008

Politics = predictible yawn-fest

it might just be my attitude because my depression meds seem to be failing recently and I have a bigger "whatever" attitude but McCain is talking the same ol' thing.

Watching McCain's speech on PBS with my hot wife and all he's saying is the same thing that's been said by Republicans since I can remember.  Let's recap shall we?

  • I will make Govt smaller.
  • I will create more jobs.
  • I will balance the budget.
  • I'm going to shake up Washington and make them listen and obey.
  • My war record is better than your war record.
  • I'll make your kids smarter.
  • I'm going to cut taxes down to NOTHING.
  • I will bring world peace by pimp slapping all the other countries and make them love me.
  • My opponent is the devil and wants to kill your children and eat your parents.

And on the seventh day I'll rest from my labors.

Fast forward 4 years later.

  • Tax increases.
  • War record made no difference.
  • Government is even bigger.
  • Govt spending is higher than ever.
  • Companies are stagnant because taxes were increased and money isn't there to hire more employees.
  • Family with tragic story from speech is still having trouble and "big govt" loses touch with the average American family.