Friday, October 03, 2008

Crazy IPs

Our network at work crashed yesterday and we were down for about 30 minutes.  I can't find the reason for it and there is a girl here who can't get the internet to work even though her network connection is perfect.  She's the only one with this issue.

It got me to thinking that it might have been a hack-attack so I looked at the incoming log on the router.  This is very scary to any IT guy.  Well it is to me anyway.

Here is a screenshot of the Excel file I have going.  You can click on it to enlarge it so you can read it.  Most of the ports being accessed are 25 which is the email port so I know most of them are possible spam.  However there are a couple that are really odd.  I can't find any information on Ports 56113 and 50225.  

I've been using a website called to gather the info about each IP address.
If you know anything that could help out I would appriciate it.  Or if you have had similar experiences.


Elaine said...

Wow, Aaron, that is scary. Did you mention it to John? Vietnam? Why would it come from there? And Europe... hmm... good luck sweetie.