Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gates of Andaron: Is it Good or Lame?

I've been looking for a good FREE mmo to play.  I was really into Luna Online so I could play with my kids but they lost interest and so I stopped playing.  I've played LOTR Online, Lineage II, Guild Wars, Rappelz, Cabal Online, FFXI and many others.
So do I enjoy online gaming?  Yes.  Yes I do.  But now I want something that I can keep with for more than a month.  I thought I found that when I discovered Gates of Andaron.  At first it looked great.  3 races with 6 classes.  The gold system is like World Of Warcraft and there are plenty of people online.

However, once I hit level 15 with my main character (Warrior) I discovered that there really is no depth to the game.  There are a TON of quests and plenty grinding but that's all there really is.  I made another character (Night Walker) just to see if I missed something.  I've got that one to level 20 and still no real game play. It's all  grinding for meager quests.  And once you leave the main area for noobs (lvl 20 and under) everything is agro so you're almost forced to party.  I don't mind to party but sometimes I want all the loot and XP.

If you've had a similar or different experience please leave a comment.