Tuesday, August 30, 2005

To the advertising industry: Enough already!

I surf the net a little bit from time to time.  I was just trying to find some things to blog about actually.  I was at comingsoon.net trying to find some interesting movie news tidbits but they have so many ads in flash that my CPU loaded up to 100%.  This, of course, slows my machine WAY down to a crawl.  So I went to freewarepalm.com.  Same thing happened there.  I thought about going to superherohype.net but since they are run by the comingsoon.net ppl I knew what to expect.  More ads.
All this brings me to my thought.  Why do we have to be subject to so many ads during the course of the day?  I have the option to earn some money by placing ads on this very blog but I will never do so (of my own will) because I know you people hate ads as much as I do.
I bought a can of Pringles the other day and guess what was on the individual chips.  Ads.  Seriously!  i can't even sit down and eat without being bombarded with ads.
Doesn't the advertising industry understand that 90% (my guess) of the ads out there are CRAP and only piss people off who are just trying to get their email and check out a web site or two?  I never look at the ads.  The Firefox web browser even has an ad-on to block all images and motion gifs from web pages.  I use the Adblock ad-on quite often to keep these stupid ads from getting in the way.
Am I the only one that feels this way?  Doubt it.