Thursday, August 25, 2005

WKLU freakin ROCKS!!

There is a radio station here in Indy that only plays 4 commercials per hour! They play classic rock from the 60's, 70's and whenever. Live DJ's! Jay Baker used to DJ at Q95 and Adam Ritz used to DJ for X103. You can call the owner's cell phone and leave a message. They are based in Avon but have just added a second broadcasting tower so they are reaching Bloomington. And I just found out that they have a Winamp Stream so I can listen here on my computer while I am not at work.

WKLU 101.9 FM!!


Anonymous said...

Just so you know Adam Ritz was convicted of raping his babysitter. Enjoy the station

AppsByAaron said...

Yeah i know. And he was married (or still may be) to Kristi on the Bob and Tom show. Ritz is an Idiot!!

Anonymous said...