Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Music File protection won't work. Nice try.

Gizmodo.com has a tidbit about a new SD card that is "supposed" to thwart piracy. NOT. Audacity already beats it like a ill-tempered-servant-of-Satan...on fire.

From Gizmodo.com:

"The CTIA wireless extravaganza started with a thud today as SanDisk introduced its TrustedFlash memory cards. These cards have built-in DRM (digital rights management) to allow the entertainment corps to release music, movies and much more crappy content for mobile phones, laptops, PDAs and other portables. The result is that consumers will be able to buy downloads from online services, and purchase pre-recorded content on SanDisk’s new Gruvi cards."

Plus I hate copyrite on music. I buy music from iTunes but Apple makes you listen to it in UBER-CRAPPY iTunes because the music files are locked so I dont' pass them on to other people. There are ways around it (JHymn). Now I can listen to my purchased iTunes MP3's in whatever media player I want. Like MediaMonkey.