Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Scientists puzzled. Me too.

So we (NASA) launch a mulit-million dollar satalite out into space (at American taxpayer expenses) to take pictures of one of Saturn's moons and never return to be re-used. Once the pictures are taken scientists are baffled by finding a spear shaped thing on the surface of said moon.

Why are we launching multi-million dollar digital cameras at rocks millions of miles from Earth?! Why am I paying for it and why can't I have some say in where my part of the funding goes?!

IMO NASA scientist are WAY overpaid. Seriously. What good can possibly come from knowing if there actually is some giant spear on the moon of Tethys? It just makes me angry that because some Poyndexters who think they are so freakin smart cause they know how to do math that makes Eistein cry say that we need to look more closley at something just because.

Can't the US Federal Gov think of better ways to spend BILLIONS of dollars they steal from people? How about YOU NOT TAX ME SO MUCH?! That's a great place to start!!

And not only am I baffled at the spear but what about the other lines I found in this picture? I think that the spear belonged to the giant alien who's half-buried head can be seen just above the spear.

The story can be found at NewScientist.com

If you can't tell I can't stand the NASA program most of the time. Tang and Velcro are the only things that are good results of NASA that come to mind right now.