Wednesday, October 12, 2005

California tax dollars hard at work for you!

This is why people hate politictians!! If you take a nap in a park on a warm summer's day you are committing "infraction similar to a traffic ticket". However some think that's not enough and want to make "illegal sleeping a misdemeanor".

Rant: Why in the hell is the Ventura City Council spending money and time on needless debates and laws like this!? It just makes me want to RAGE!

People work hard to create revenue and pay their taxes to keep polititcians in office thinking that said politician will make a difference in their community and this is the payoff?!

Example: Joe Income works 60 hours Monday - Saturday and then spends some time in the park (that his tax dollars help pay for) with his family and nods off for a few minutes after lunch. Then they say he is "illegally camping". Does this sound SANE to anyone with an IQ above 4!?

I can't help but think that The Ventura City Council is upset because Joe Income hasn't paid a $10 camping fee that would end up back in the county/state funds. So in order to get some money from Joe (who makes $50,000 and pays his gererous share of taxes already) they fine him $100+ for his "misdemeanor".

Misdemeanor: a crime that carries a less severe punishment than a felony; specifically : a crime punishable by a fine and by a term of imprisonment not to be served in a penitentiary and not to exceed one year. (For sleeping in a public park!)

Story Source for Misdemeanor definition.

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