Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Intense noodle debate closer to end.

Groing up I wanted to be an archeologist. I just loved the thought of finding something that had been lost forever. Tonight I can sleep better knowing that I didn't spend 8 years in college just to end up unearthing 4000 year old noodles.

Apparenently there is some huge debate over who invented noodles in the first place. Looks like China takes the lead.

""These are undoubtedly the oldest noodles ever found," says Houyuan Lu at China's Institute of Geology and Geophysics in Beijing. His team found the noodles buried 3 metres deep in flood-plain sediment at Lajia in north-eastern China after lifting out an upturned bowl. The "spaghetti-like" noodles, up to 50 centimetres long, sat atop a mound of silt which had sealed them in the bowl following a major earthquake and flood."