Wednesday, December 14, 2005

All Mormons say DUH!!!

Someone has found some paintings in Central America that leads "scientists" to believe that kings ruled the Mayns some 100 B.C. DUH! Any Mormon can tell you that kingships started WAY before 100 b.c. in the Myan/Incan realm. Interesting though that "scientists" are just scratchig the surface and still don't know anything.

"The mural was painted by skilled artisans and reads like a Maya book, telling the story of creation, the mythology of kingship, and the divine right of a king, according to Saturno, who leads the San Bartolo excavation project.

The painted wall dates to 100 B.C., proving that these stories of creation and kings—and the use of elaborate art and writing to tell them—were well established more than 2,000 years ago ago, centuries earlier than previously believed."


"Next the mural shows the maize god setting up the tree at the center of the world and crowning himself king.

This section of the story traces the maize god's birth, death, and resurrection, which brings sustenance to the world.

The final scene shows a historic coronation of an actual Maya king.

His name and title are written in hieroglyphics. Taube said the writing style is different than that known from later periods, but is nevertheless sophisticated.

By receiving the crown in the company of the gods, the king in the mural likely claimed the right to rule from the gods themselves—not from parents, as did later kings, Saturno said."