Monday, December 19, 2005

EB hates me!!

So I go to EB today on my lunch break just to take a look at what's new this week. I should have known things would suck.

First off the X-box 360 is not on so I can't drool all over myself at the supurb graphics of Call of Duty 2. So I go over to the X-box section to see what is there in the previously used section. I see that they have Steel Batallion for like $19.99. I say to myself "??" because I know that this game HAS to be played with a special 30 button control console and cost over $200 US when it came out a couple of years ago. It tanked cause the control panel was too gimicky. So I ask EB Employee Skippy if $200+ the controller comes with it. he kind of dodges the question with a "that's Steel Battalion II mnmm nm something.." Ok I now know that the controller does NOT come with the game.

Fine I move on...I find Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind for $4.99!!!! Yeah I'm buyin it! I get in line behind some mom doing her kids' Christmas shopping cause she has EB Employee Skippy get her a Nintendo Dual Screen...purple I think. I patiently wait. Then I give EB Employee Skippy the previously owned $5 Morrowind game box. He turns around and starts looking through the draws where they keep the acutal game disks of the used games. He can't find it and looks in the computer. NOT there.

So not only was I denied glorious eye-candy but EB is selling a game that REQUIRES a special $200 controller that cannot be purchased seperately AND they stock their shelves with empty game cases for games they don't even have in the store!!

I think that they have crap on the shelves just to make it look like they have a huge inventory.

In conlusion...EB SUX!!!!!