Friday, February 16, 2007

I would buy one in a second

This new wave of electric cars is really good IMO. I would buy one of these in a heartbeat just for work. I drive a 4-door 1997 Saturn that needs a refill every week. This thing would be great for a single person to commute to and from work. That's all I really do anyway.

There are at least 3 reasons that I can think of NOT to get one. 1) I would get car-jacked, 2) I would get crushed by some semi that can't see NORMAL cars well already and 3) won't work so well in winter conditions. Other than that I think something like this would be great in urban America.

Think what your morning commute would be like if 75% of the population were driving these. You could fit 2 in a lane thus doubling the amount of flow. Parking would also double since you could fit 2 of these in a single spot. Smog would also be reduced. if they dropped the price to $10k or less it would really take off.

$18,000 US starting model.


Video below