Friday, February 08, 2008

Mitt Romney...where do I begin?

As most of you know I am a Mormon. Have been my whole life. So I was excited to see how things would work out with Mitt Romney running for president. Early on in the campaign I had decided to NOT back him because I didn't know that much about him yet and didn't want to be on his "side" just because he's Mormon.

I also didn't particularly want a Mormon as President because of all the crap he would put the rest of us Mormons in. The media, and particularly the comedy realm, aren't nice to ANY president. Look how Pres Bush has been treated over the last 8 years. I figured that with a Mormon in office he would be seen as a representative of the whole of us and we would all become the target of hate and bigotry (more so than we already are to some).

However, once I started to learn more about who else was running it became clear that he was the only candidate who had a grasp on reality. I decided to make him "my guy Mitt". I was prepared to fight the good fight.

Then he drops out of the race disappointing MILLIONS of people. Not just Mormons but half of the Conservatives in America. Why the disappointment? Because he has morals, conviction and a brain.

So now we (conservatives) are STUCK with McCain who is already starting to TRY to fool us that he's the new Reagan or that he's even a Republican at all. What a joke.

Conservative talk radio is saying that there are some conservatives who may not even vote, calling it a "suicide vote" because there isn't a candidate they can get behind. I can understand that!

Me prediction is that Obama will win by a landslide because the Republican turnout will be very low and Hillary won't have much to stand on. People will start to see how cruel she can be with her attacks on Obama and her flat out lies. Another fear is that people will see Obama as one of the greatest victories in history and assign the victory to his "greatness" and not to the fact that millions of people simply didn't vote for the other guy.

I hope that the African-American community doesn't vote for him simply because he's black. I also hope that women don't vote for Hillary simply because she's a woman. I hope Republicans don't vote for McCain simply because he's the only Republican running. I hope and pray that we each look at the candidates and listen to what is being said and make educated decisions.

Now please take note that not all Mormons are conservatives as I am. My wife's best friend is a hard core Democrat and we get along very well. We have open discussions about our political views without malice or contention.

I hope all this is wrong and that McCain becomes a saint and leads us all to righteousness and prosperity. However, my gut tells me differently. It tells me that we are going for a long swim in a huge bog of eternal stench.