Thursday, February 07, 2008

Whalers are evil!!!

I am reading through my morning blogs and news sites when I stumble across this image...

This is simply the most evil thing I have seen. I know it goes on in the world but it's still not easy to see. The most evil thing is that calls this "RESEARCH". "The Institute of Cetacean Research (I.C.R.), a unique organization in Japan specializing in the biological and social sciences related to whales..."

Now I'm not one to devote my life to tree-hugging and Greenpeace, however this just pisses my right off. In today's world and with all our technology there's no reason to continue hunting whales in large numbers like they do. Almost everything that has been gathered from whales in the past can be made by man these days. This ship is clearly designed for the sole purpose of killing whales.

It is my sincere desires and prayers and wishes that very bad things happen to the men and women who continue to slaughter these creatures of God for no REAL reason!!

icrwhaling web site in english