Wednesday, May 21, 2008

SteelSeries continues to SUCK!

Faithful followers of my blog may be familiar with my dealings with my SteelSeries headphones. This time they broke in an unrepairable-by-me place. It's much more than a simple solder job this time. They broke at a critical juncture where the over-head-support joins with the right-side speaker. These headphones are meant to be taken apart so as to save space in one's game bag. I've done it once when I first got them...over a year ago. Ever since they've been connected to together.

All I have to say is that I am NOT going to take them back. I am NOT going to call SteelSeries and complain or send them an email like I did last time. They offered to replace them for a new set but I declined because I didn't want to start over with a new piece of crap. I'm posting this in hopes that others will read and steer clear of this crappy product.

Oh, forgot to tell you how I broke them. SIMPLY PUTTING THEM ON! NO over-exersion! NO dropping! NO stepping on them! NO letting the kids play with them! I simply "opened" them up to the normal width that I usually do to place them on my head and they snapped with a loud "POP". Over $120 down the drain. I've gotten more use out of our $40 DVD player. Like 3 years worth so far and it still works great.