Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Been a while since I posted here and I'm sad that the drought is quenched with a rant.

The company I work for has spent well over $1000 on software within the last 2 years to back up our data. And when there's a hiccup and I need to get some support from the vendor they won't do it because we haven't purchased a support package. Well, they can help this one time but it will cost me $250...just like Microsoft.

I can't help but have a deep and penetrating HATRED for companies like Symantec and Microsoft who put out crappy software and then feel the need to kick their buyers in the proverbial crotch.

And it pushes me further into a demonic pit of anger because I'm working late to fix this problem.

Which reminds me of my headphones issue that's an ongoing repair job. sigh.