Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Microsoft hits new low with Mojave deception.

I've seen a few of the new commercials of Microsoft tricking people into liking or even loving Vista. They get people to explain why they won't move to Vista then show them "Mojave" (actually Vista) and get them to see the error of their ways. This trick begs some investigation.

What exactly did MSoft show these people? We never actually see what these shmoes off the streets are shown. Was it the bubbly screensaver? Was it the sidebar and how you can see the weather widget on your desktop? Was it how to shut down the computer? I seriously doubt that they showed these people how to disable the constant nagging by Vista about every friggin thing you do is a security risk or how to make your old printer's manufacturer make updated drivers so you can print.

What were these people offered? Were these people given a prize or reward for their time and opinion? Or did they simply get a "thank you" and a shove out the door. Personally I would have done it for a free Mac with Leopard OS. ;)

How many people refused to check out the next version of windows "Mojave"? So far I've only seen about 5 - 7 MAX people sit down and talk. I'm willing to bet that there were LOADS of people that refused to even look at another "version" of Windows. Vista's been around for a short time and there are already working release clients of the next version Windows 7. /sigh See previous rants about that.

Are these people technologically minded in the least? ie Do they know anything about OSes or computers? If you take a person who doesn't use a computer and show them all the wonders ANY computer can do then of course they will find it cool and fun and a "must have". I seriously doubt these people who were dazzled are IT Pros, Network Admins or any other person who has to work with a PC for more than 40 hours a week. I've been using Vista for almost a month as a test for my company and I dislike it more each day. And the first thing I did was disable the constant nagging about everything I do is a security risk.

I just wish that Microsoft would stop wasting time, money and energy by trying to trick us into like their crap and just remove the crap from the system. A crapless OS goes a long way. I doubt this is really going to boost sales of Vista because , like Macs, some people just like what they have. I've not seen anything in Vista that would make me decide I had to have it. There's nothing overwhelming in Vista that makes you feel like a failure using XP.