Thursday, August 21, 2008


So I purchased the upgrade to Backup Exec 12 so we can have the latest and greatest but after I install the software and run the program it tells me that the Service is not installed. REALLY? I assumed that would have happened during the INSTALL. It won't install the services either. So I mess with stuff on the server for a few minutes then get frustrated and decide to call Symantec Tech Support. This gets good. Apparently the purchase of the software does not include a support agreement. So after spending over $1500 for upgrades I have to pay them ANOTHER $250 to get this issue resolved.

Am I the only person with a pulse that finds this kind of "support" a huge pain in the ASS?!?!

Then I get put on hold for a while because Tropical Storm Fay is tearing up Florida thus hampering one of their data centers...I'M STILL ROUTED TO INDIA ANYWAY so what's the deal?

Normally I wouldn't care because it's not my money in the first place. But I have to tell the boss why I am spending all this money and it would be better if he had some understanding about what I do but, like most bosses, he only knows how to run MS Office tools. I have to explain why I had to purchase a new license for Office 2003 Pro because all the current licenses are used up and there are no more to use. But I get a guilt-trip about it instead of a pat on the back and a "thanks for keeping us LEGAL."

/sigh. I think I want to start farming chickens or something.