Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mormons still misunderstood

I'm listening to the news radio about McCain's possible running mate for presidency Mitt Romney who is Mormon. Every time the news talks about Romney they add "a Mormon" to it. Example: Mitt Romney, "a Mormon", might be a possible pick for Vice President...blah blah blah. Why do we (us Mormons) still get this kind of subtle abuse? You don't see this kind of treatment toward any other candidate. News even makes mention about the "controversial" Mitt Romney. Since when is being a Christian such a controversy??

People call us "Mormons" because of the Book of Mormon which is actually a collection of books and records of people from Central America during the time of Jesus. Doesn't it make sense that our Heavenly Father would want as many of His children to hear about the salvation that His son Jesus has to offer them? Why would He want some of His children to be confused or lost?

To answer the old question "are Mormons Christians" you can simply look to the name of the church: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Yes we DO believe in Jesus Christ, God and the Holy Ghost. So why all the confusion and "controversy"? Well, I think most of it comes from the dark time in the history of the church when Polygamy was brought back. Now I don't know all the reasons why it was instituted but I do know that the Bible is full of accounts where multiple wives were allowed and "OKed" by God. I also know that polygamy wasn't a "free-for-all". This was more of a calling and most men who had been asked to marry again had a hard time with it.

So it happened. I didn't last long. Once the US decided to pass a law against polygamy we followed that law. Those groups in Utah who are polygamists are NOT Mormons. Once a Mormon violates this law they are excommunicated. They are no longer affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They say they are but this is a self-proclamation by the head of the "family".

But I still don't think that's the whole reason why people today are so against the Mormons. I think it's more about ignorance than anything else. People tend to listen to people they love or like such as fathers and mothers. When the ignorance starts generations back it can be carried along the line. Some will want to find out for themselves and I think that's great. If I want to learn about laws I talk to a lawyer not a photographer. I talk to a photographer if I want to learn about how to take a good picture.

I also know that there are Pastors or leaders of other religious congregations that speak from the pulpit against Mormons teaching their followers the lies that Mormons aren't Christians that we don't believe in God. I know it happens because I've seen it in person. It's sad that ANY Christian religion teaches to hate others. That's not whats in the Bible at all. That's not the true message of Jesus Christ. We are to love one another and help those in need.

I think it's sad that this trend of disliking Mormons "just because" is an old practice with deep roots of ignorance. I wish people would just ask some questions and be willing to listen for the sake of understanding what we believe. The people who try to get us in a corner and "Bible bash" with us and try to trick us into contradicting ourselves is completely counterproductive and those people are just mad about something else.