Friday, September 19, 2008

2 weeks after Chrome

I've been using Google Chrome almost exclusively since it's release. So far I still love it. There are a couple of things that I wish it could do.

So far I can't sync all my versions easily. I have it installed on my work pc, laptop and home pc. I would have to copy the settings and bookmarks from one pc to the next manually. Firefox has a nice add on called Foxmarks which allows you to create an account and store all your bookmarks on their account and auto-sync all your Firefoxes wherever they are.

Bookmarks are kind of a mess. I don't feel that Chrome is made for a user to get tho their bookmarks easily. Firefox is great for letting me search within my bookmarks. That's VERY handy and missed.

Downloads are kinda brainless. I hope that was their plan about that. One nice this is that you can search your downloads. On the other hand I don't see a way to 'clear' your downloads in mass quantities. I do love how the downloads page is organized. Like a history.

Chrome won't work for some sites and programs. I use Spiceworks at work for my network control. It's a very nice tool but it doesn't seem to play well with Chrome. I still have to use Firefox or IE for that.

No 3rd party add ons yet. iPhone was out and hacked with in a couple days. Why are there no add ons or anything for Chrome? It's been downloaded over 2 million times so far.

No drop list for the back button. Just a peeve but like to be able to go back in a browsing history by several pages at a time. Firefox (and I think IE) let you do that through the back button drop list.

Posting this didn't work in Chrome. I kept getting an error so I had to write this post in Notepad++ then paste into Firefox. booooo. :'(

That's all I can think of at the moment. Of course as soon as I post this I will think of something else. What do you think about Chrome so far?


MaTT said...

When you start typing in the "address bar" searches your bookmarks, first. For example, I have about 4 bookmarks with the word "home" in it here at work, i simply type "home" in the address bar and then pick from those 4 bookmarks by using the up/down arrows or clicking. Very cool IMHO (In My Honest Opinion for those reading this that don't know).

If you "right-click" the back button, it gives you the drop down. Or, you can click and hold the back button and it will do the same. Super sleek! (FYI, you can do the same with the forward button.)

MaTT said...

Also, I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that all of the Firefox and Safari add-ons can work in Chrome...they use the same add-on API!

MaTT said...

Other cool "nerdy" features I like are as follows: (definitely not in any other order than the order that they popped into my head)

-- You can right-click on any image, and open the image in a new window/tab...makes it easy when you a) want to find the source of the image or b) just want to save/crop/etc. an image from the web

-- Developer tools built into Chrome, duh! I can go to any page and right click and go to the element i'm looking at in code. I can see how they did something, or what a button should do. I can make changes and save them if i wished to. It is a developers dream!

-- The "new tab" tab is amazing. It is like an evolved history. It has today's links, it has recently closed links, and most importantly it has like my top 20 most visited sites!!! I simply click a new tab and BLAM i've got all of my stuff right there.

-- Spell-check in any webpage/web app/chat/etc. because Chrome said so. It's even interactive, you right-click a word that is tagged as misspelled and it gives you options to fix it! Thanks Chrome, how sweet of you ;-)

-- Incognito mode is great for banking...doesn't save any of my information and therefore I don't have to worry about someone phising my login/password! I don't think that was the intent of it, but it's definitely a nice side-effect.

-- The tabs change size, they autosize to fit in the screen/window/etc.

I think i'm out of thoughts. I'm sure there are more. I'll keep posting as I think of them.