Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Eye.

I'm at work defragging half the fleet of pcs here and I have The Eye going on a second monitor. The Eye, a story of a blind girl (Jessica Alba) who gets a cornea transplant and starts seeing images of death and junk. This is basically a new version of Body Parts staring Jeff Fahey (one of the greatest B movie actor) who loses his arm in a car accident, receives a donor limb from a murderer who was served the death sentence.

I'm a sucker for these kind of creepy movies. The Grudge, The Eye, The Ring, One Missed Call, The Skeleton Key all good movies. The Grudge 2 sucked IMO. 1408 was a nightmare from Satan himself.

The problems I have with them, however, is that when they go to a hospital there's NO STAFF AT NIGHT. Ever been in a hospital over night? You can't get a moment's rest cause some nurse is checking vitals every 15 minutes.

The Eye isn't a bad movie, just full of cliche's.