Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Battery powered motorcycle made from junk!

This guy got laid off from work and decided to build a motorcycle from junk he found to run on batteries.

You can watch the video here... http://blog.makezine.com
or visit his website here... http://www.firstontop.com/electragreen.htm

The point to this post is to show that if some random person in Nebraska can build a motorcycle (from junk) to run from batteries and be charged with solar (from junk) or wind (from junk) with NO foreknowledge about how to build these things (from junk) then NASA should be able to do the same thing but about 100x more efficient.

Here is a picture of the bike with wind generator and solar panel.

I should get a basic parts list of what it could take to get one of my rovers built. I bet it's well under $2,000. Wonder what a single Spider-bot would cost.