Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rover recharging.

I found this article while trying to find a site that I found the other day. Powerpad could be used to recharge rovers.
An early design of the technology resembles a thick rubber place mat. Metal "connectivity points" span the pad's surface and deliver power to the charging contacts on a compatible notebook, cell phone, or other device that is laid on the surface. A single pad can power or recharge various compatible devices at once, accommodating as many as will fit on the pad, according to company representatives. Each unit will contain the intelligence to identify itself and its specs to the pad.
This could EASILY be modified to charge dying batteries for my rovers. Using this method of charging alleviates the need to be very precise when connecting to a charge station.

According to the article this was made to be released in 2003 so I'm sure there have been some advances in this technology.


MaTT said...

It is so neat to see where technology is taking us. Soon our houses will be lined with things like this. No more "oh man, I can't put the TV on that wall because there are no power outlets!"

You will simply hang your TV on the wall, and it will be powered.