Monday, May 18, 2009

Lunar Rover: more scenes.

Here we see an updated version of unloading materials and supplies.

Here are 2 rovers changing a tire on a third.

This is the VERY basic concept of the power connectors. The silver circles are the magnets to hold them in place. The brown circles are the connection points. It's very simple. The only thing that would interfere is dust. I've updated the main rover with a row of these along the long sides. You will see these in the 2 above pictures.

Click to enlarge.


MaTT said...

Very cool sketches bro. There are certain plants/crops that can grow without "real" might consider looking at setups where you could use a different light source to nourish the plants/crops that you plan to send up there. Corn is one example. They can grow corn without any sunlight at all...pretty neat.

Perhaps all of the "boxes" should be raised so that the robots can grab them and move them easier.

And consider using a "backup" setup of Phosphorescence diodes as emergency "light" to withstand any blackouts the moon might have. I don't know, just going from the hip on that one.

MaTT said...

"Phosphorescence allows light to stay in the material at a position where
it can be converted into electricity for nearly two million times longer than previous materials which only fluoresce."

So, perhaps the technology isn't there yet...but someone has thought about it ;-)