Monday, May 18, 2009

Lunar Rover Updates.

I've redesigned the rover a little. I've decided that the simplest way to allow for multiple modules to be added and moved is to make the main floor out of bars. This correlates with my idea of adding "claws" to the bottoms of each module.

Here is an example "scene" of something that may happen. The smaller rover in the bottom left has been fitted with 2 HD cameras and a solar panel. This will allow the rover to basically roam wherever it wants to taking pictures. The main action here is the 3 larger rovers. The middle one is carrying 3 garden pods (containing lettuce) and is flanked by 2 other rovers who will be lifting each pod. The larger rover on the right has also been fitted with 2 solar panels to help charge it's batteries and help them last longer.

As you can see there are many scenarios where this method can be utilized. This is the main thought on my mind recently so there will be more updates on this.

One large hurdle to figure out is the universal connectors that should connect the modules sitting on the rover sled to the computer on the rover. I like the idea of the power connector on Macbooks. Magnetic and easy to connect and disconnect. I also like the concept of a USB plug and play method. More to come...


MaTT said...

Your ideas are flippin' awesome. So, what do the robots do in order to remain "connected" to the charging station? It's possible there could be a stiff gust of wind and the robot would roll away from the station.

Or, is that where the magnets come into play?

Using USB for connections is a smart idea - very future proof and very universal.

Keep the great ideas coming!!!

AppsByAaron said...

There are obviously some minor issues to iron out. Thanks for the thought provoking questions.

AppsByAaron said...

After doing some quick searches online I see that the only wind that may be a problem on the Moon is solar wind and that isn't going to blow hard enough to move the rovers.

Mars, on the other hand, is more like Earth.

MaTT said...

Oh wow, I would have assumed solar winds would be strong - dang those Hollywood movies that make outer space seem so intimidating and fearful!

Glad to know, though :) You know, just in case I make a trip I'll know that my hat will stay on.