Wednesday, January 31, 2007

"Clean" install of Vista a freekin joke.

This is why people are going Mac...because of it's ease-of-use. Only with Windows do you have to monkey around to get it just to install.

I was more than annoyed and less than surprised to learn that you cannot "clean" install the new Windows Vista meaning that in order to wipe a hard drive and install Vista afresh I had to have a previous version of Windows such as XP. What if I get a brand new PC with Vista pre-installed and had to wipe and re-install after a virus?? Would I then have to go out and buy XP to install Vista?? See my point?

Microsoft acknowledges the issue (now as opposed to BEFORE it's world-wide release) and has a fix for it. Well, my question is this: Why not think ahead of the rest of the planet (as the "leading" OS) and get it right? Why on earth would you approve this for release? You knew it was going to be an issue so why not just have it install without all the crap?!

Again, if Microsoft made a car would you buy it?